Make Models: Swindon Museum and Art Gallery

We go behind the scenes of the Make modelshop to find out how the team created one of their most impressive works to date, the 1:100 scale model of our new design for the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery.

City Making Sml
City-making and Sadiq

New London Architecture chairman Peter Murray gives us his view on how London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, might deliver the “good growth” he has promised.

Digital Danube Sml
Digital Danube

Juraj Porubský, editor of Forbes Slovakia, banishes old stereotypes for good with his account of today’s dynamic world of tech in the Danube Valley.

Floor Space Odyssey Sml
2036: A Floor Space Odyssey

"'The Local Plan needs updating to address recent development trends and to reflect the City's emerging priorities and aspirations.' To translate: The old plan is out of date. We need a new post-Brexit plan." writes property editor Peter Bill about the City of London’s City Plan 2036: Shaping the Future City. 

Green Tiger Sml
The Green Tiger

Environmental design consultant Henry Woon of Atelier Ten speaks to architecture writer Sylvia Chan about what makes Singapore one of the world’s most sustainable cities.

Futureoffice Make Sml
The Human Office

As wellness continues to move up the design agenda, Make considers the future of the office and the kind of workplace it could become.

Office Sml
London Refocused by Ken Shuttleworth

London is hosting the BCO conference and as part of my Vice Presidency Make has taken on a central role in organising it. We've secured unprecedented access to over 50 new commercial buildings to give a behind-the-scenes view of how London is catering for a wide range of occupiers.

Sandstone Sm1
Designing in Sydney by Ian Lomas

Any first-time visitor to or returning resident of Sydney is struck by the sharp precision of its light, which crisply incises shadows and details into the city’s walls, describing an architecture of light and shadow. 


BCO 2017 Ken Shuttleworth

BCO 2017 - Ken Shuttleworth

The Temple House

Temple House

The Make Charter

The Make Charter

The Podium at the QE Olympic Park

The Podium

Kiosk prototype

Kiosk prototype