In September 2013, Make will be relocating from its studios at 55 Whitfield Street to take up short-term residence at Arup’s offices on Fitzroy Street. This move is only temporary and is prompted by Derwent London’s major redevelopment of 80 Charlotte Street, which Make is designing and includes its studio. Make has been in residence at Whitfield Street since its inception in 2004 and plans to return once the redevelopment of the building is complete in 2015.

In addition, the practice will be closing its Birmingham studio in July 2013 and relocating all employees to its London headquarters. The studio, which delivered The Cube, The Montpellier Chapter Hotel and the Thomas Clarkson Academy, as well as a number of masterplans, has been forced to close due to Brockton Capital serving notice to renovate The Mailbox.

Ken Shuttleworth, Make’s founding partner, said: “2013 is heralding a number of changes for Make. Not only does the London studio have to move because of our own project, albeit one which will enable us to design our own studio, but we sadly have to close the doors for the last time in Birmingham. We have had a long vested interest in the Midlands, not least because I grew up there but also because the region has been so instrumental in enabling Make to get where it is today. However, there is currently very little commercial work to be found regionally and as such all jobs based in the Midlands, both for existing and new clients, will be supported from our London headquarters. I would reiterate that we are not making any redundancies, nor do we view the change negatively – this is just indicative of the differences between the regional and London economy in the UK today. We are also very grateful to Arup for allowing us to share their space for a short while.”