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London Wall Place

London, UK | Office

London-Wall-Place-6-Make London-Wall-Place-5-Make
The NDM Research Building

Oxford, UK | Education and research

NDM-Make NDM-Make
Weihai Pavilion

Weihai, China | Arts and culture, Interiors

Weihai-Pavilion-Make Weihai-Pavilion-Interiors-Make
Elephant and Castle

London, UK | Urban design

Elephant-Park-Make Elephant-Park-Make
32 Cleveland Street

London, UK | Office

Make Studio Summary Make Studio Summary Interiors
1 Arena Central

Birmingham, UK | Office

Arena-Central-Make Arena-Central-Make
Thomas Clarkson Academy

Wisbech, UK | Education and research, , Interiors

Thomas-Clarkson-Academy-Make Thomas-Clarkson-Academy-Make
The Copper Box

London, UK | Arts and culture, Sports and leisure, Interiors

Copper-Box-Make Copper-Box-Make
Ecobuild Pop-Up Cinema

London, UK | Arts and culture

Ecobuild-Cinema-Make Cinema Make 1
Liangping Sports Centre

Chongqing, China | Arts and culture, Sports and leisure

Liangping-Sports-Centre-Make Liangping-Sports-Centre-Make
Guy's and St Thomas' Cancer Treatment Centre

London, UK | Healthcare

Guys-St-Thomas-Make Guys-St-Thomas-Make
Private Residence - North London

London, UK | Interiors, Residential

Private-Residence-North-London-Make img6
The Cube

Birmingham, UK | Hotels and resorts, Mixed use, Residential, Retail

The-Cube-Make The-Cube-Make
80 Charlotte Street

London, UK | Mixed use, Office, Residential

80-Charlotte-Street-Make 80-Charlotte-Street-Make
Private Residence - Central London

London, UK | Residential, Interiors

Private Residence Central Make 1 Private Residence Central Make 1
Beijing InfoCube

Beijing, China | Arts and culture

Beijing-InfoCube-Make img0b
Wynyard Place

Sydney, Australia | Mixed use, Transport, Office, Retail, Hotels and resorts

Wynyard-Make-Summary Wynyard-Make-1
The Montpellier Chapter

Cheltenham, UK | Hotels and resorts, Interiors

Montpellier-Chapter-Make Montpellier-Chapter-Make-Interiors
Erco Gallery

London, UK | Interiors, Arts and culture

Erco-Gallery-Make Erco-Gallery-Make
Taberner House

Croydon, UK | Residential, Tall buildings

Taberner-House-Make Taberner-House-Make
Dartford Dojo

London, UK | Sports and leisure

Dartford-Dojo-Make Dartford-Dojo-Make
The Madison

London, UK | Mixed use, Residential, Tall buildings, Interiors

Meridian-Gate-Make Madison C Make 2
St James's Market

London, UK | Mixed use, Office, Retail

SJM Make Summary SJM Make Summary Interiors
The Podium

London, UK | Arts and culture

The-Podium-Make The-Podium-Make
5 Broadgate

London, UK | Office

5Broadgate Summary 5Broadgate Summary
33 Cavendish Square

London, UK | Interiors, Office

Cavendish Square Make Summary Cavendish Square Make Summary
Hewa ''Hope'' Children's Hospital

Erbil, Iraq | Healthcare

Hewa-Hospital-Make img1b
Private Residence - West London

London, UK | Interiors, Residential

Private-Residence-West-London-Make Private-Residence-West-London-Make
West Kowloon MTR

Hong Kong | Transport

West-Kowloon-MTR West-Kowloon-MTR
LSQ London

London, UK | Mixed use, Office, Retail

LSQ Make Summary LSQ Make 2
Opera Residences

Sydney, Australia | Interiors

Opera Make Summary Opera Make Summary
Godiva Awakes

Coventry, UK | Arts and culture

Godiva-Awakes-Make img3b
The Amenities and Bio-Escalator Building

Oxford, UK | Education and research

Amenities-Oxford-summary-(c)Make Amenities-Oxford-summary-(c)Make
10 Weymouth Street

London, UK | Residential

10-Weymouth-Street-Make 10-Weymouth-Street-Make
Oxford Molecular Pathology Institute

Oxford, UK | Education and research

The Big Data Institute

Oxford, UK | Education and research

BDI-summary-Make BDI Make Summary Interiors
1 Leadenhall Street

London, UK | Office, Retail, Tall buildings

1Leadenhall Make Summary 1Leadenhall Make Summary
Saadiyat Island

Abu Dhabi, UAE | Residential

Saadiyat-Island-Make Saadiyat-Island-Make
The Atlas Building

London, UK | Mixed use, Office, Residential, Retail, Tall buildings

145-City-Road-Make 145-City-Road-Make
Wembley North West Lands

London, UK | Urban design, Retail, Residential

Wembley-NWL-Make Wembley-NWL-Make
55 Baker Street

London, UK | Interiors, Mixed use, Office

55-Baker-Street-Make 55-Baker-Street-Make-4
Trafalgar Way

London, UK | Residential, Retail, Tall buildings

Trafalgar-Way-Make Trafalgar-Way-Make
12-24 Lun Fat Street

Hong Kong | Residential, Interiors, Tall buildings

Lun Fat Street Make 1 Lun Fat Street Make 2
Crescent House

Wiltshire, UK | Residential

Crescent-House-Make Crescent-House-Make
Rodmarton Street

London, UK | Residential

Rodmarton-Street-Make Rodmarton-Street-Make

Nottingham, UK | Arts and culture, Education and research

Aspire-Make Aspire-Make
Pinnacle One

Chengdu, China | Office, Tall buildings

Pinnacle-One-summary-(c)Make Pinnacle-One-summary-(c)Make
Canary Wharf Kiosk

London, UK | Retail

Canary-Wharf-Kiosk-Make Canary-Wharf-Kiosk-Make
Chobham Manor

London, UK | Residential, Urban design

Chobham-Manor-Make Chobham-Manor-Make
8 Artillery Row

London, UK | Residential

Artillery Row 4 Artillery Row 4
The Temple House

Chengdu, China | Arts and culture, Hotels and resorts

Temple-House-Summary-(c)JohnMadden Temple-House-Summary-Interiors-(c)JohnMadden
Teaching and Learning Hub

Nottingham, UK | Education and research

Teaching Hub Make 1 Teaching Hub Make 4

Croydon, UK | Mixed use, Office, Residential, Tall buildings, Transport

Morello-Croydon-Make Morello-Croydon-Make
177 Piccadilly

London, UK | Mixed use, Office, Retail

177-Piccadilly-Make 177-Piccadilly-Make
The Octopus

London, UK | Office, Retail

Octopus-Make Octopus-Make
Harrods Hans Crescent Escalator Hall

London, UK | Retail, Interiors

Harrods Hall 5-0-Make Architects Harrods Hall 5-0-Make Architects
Harrods Escalator Hall 3

London, UK | Retail, Interiors

Harrods-Escalator-Make Harrods-Escalator-Make
Old Road Campus Research Building

Oxford, UK | Education and research

ORCRB-Make img2
HSBC Blandonnet

Geneva, Switzerland | Interiors, Office

HSBC-Blandonnet-Make img0
Hongqiao Masterplan

Shanghai, China | Urban design, Mixed use

Hongqiao-Masterplan-Make Hongqiao-Masterplan-Make
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong | Education and research

Chinese-Uni-Hong-Kong-Make Chinese-Uni-Hong-Kong-Make
The Monument Building

London, UK | Office

Make-Monument Building-summary Make-Monument Building-1
Office Interior - London

London, UK | Office, Interiors

Office-Interior-Make Office-Interior-Make
Retail Design Strategy

Birmingham, UK | Retail

Retail-Design-Strategy-Make Retail-Design-Strategy-Make
Jubilee Campus

Nottingham, UK | Education and research, Urban design

Jubilee-Campus-Make img5
40 Leadenhall Street

London, UK | Office, Tall buildings

40-Leadenhall-Make 40-Leadenhall-Make
Rathbone Square

London, UK | Mixed use, Office, Residential, Retail, Interiors

Rathbone-Square-Make Rathbone Square Make 8
Crystal Island

Shenzhen, China | Arts and culture, Urban design, Mixed use, Retail

Crystal-Island-Make Crystal-Island-Make
Pure Hammersmith

London, UK | Interiors, Residential

Pure-Hammersmith-Make Pure-Hammersmith-interior-Make
225 Marsh Wall

London, UK | Residential, Tall buildings

Marsh Wall Summary Marsh Wall Summary
University Square Stratford

London, UK | Education and research

University-Square-Stratford-Make University-Square-Stratford-Make
Newcastle Science Central

Newcastle, UK | Urban design

Newcastle-Science-Central-Make Newcastle-Science-Central-Make
HSBC Quai des Bergues

Geneva, Switzerland | Office, Interiors

HSBC-Quai-des-Bergues-Make HSBC-Quai-des-Bergues-Make
The Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology

Oxford, UK | Education and research, Interiors

KIR-Make KIR-Make-Interiors
The Nou Palau Blaugrana

Barcelona, Spain | Sports and leisure

FC-Barcelona-Make-Summary FC-Barcelona-Make-5
The Barn

Nottingham, UK | Education and research

The Barn 5 Scaled The-Barn-4
Sandstone Precinct

Sydney, Australia | Hotels and resorts

Sandstone Make Summary Sandstone Make Summary
Tianjin Masterplan

Tianjin, China | Urban design, Residential

Tianjin-Masterplan-Make Tianjin-Masterplan-Make
Dunbar Place

Hong Kong | Residential, Tall buildings, Interiors

Dunbar-Place-Make Dunbar Place Interiors Make
Grosvenor Waterside

London, UK | Residential

Grosvenor-Waterside-Make Grosvenor-Waterside-Make
Wanda Reign Hotel Facade

Wuhan, China | Hotels and resorts, Tall buildings

Wanda-Reign-Make Wanda-Reign-Make
Century House

London, UK | Residential

Century-House-Make Century-House-Make
King Abdullah Sports Centre

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia | Arts and culture, Urban design, Sports and leisure

Tottenham Masterplan

London, UK | Urban design

Tottenham-Masterplan-Make Tottenham-Masterplan-Make
Greenwich Square

London, UK | Urban design, Mixed use, Residential

GreenwichSquare-tbig-(c)Make GreenwichSquare-6-(c)Make
The Serpentine

Aylesbury, UK | Residential

Serpentine-Make Serpentine-Make
Esprit Flagship Store

Hong Kong | Retail

Espirit-Flagship-Make Espirit-Flagship-Make
Chai Wan Gallery

Hong Kong, China | Arts and culture

Chai-Wan-Gallery-Make Chai-Wan-Gallery-Make
Oasis at Golden Sands

Malta | Hotels and resorts

Oasis-Golden-Sands-Make Oasis-Golden-Sands-Make
City of London Information Centre

London, UK | Arts and culture

City-Information-Centre-Make City-Information-Centre-Make
Stansted Airport

London, UK | Transport

Stansted-Airport-Make Stansted-Airport-Make
Harrods Superbrands

London, UK | Retail, Interiors

Harrods Superbrands 1-Make Harrods Superbrands 4-Make
The Gateway Building

Nottingham, UK | Education and research

Gateway-Building-Make img6
Bolton Eco House

Bolton, UK | Interiors, Residential

Bolton-EcoHouse-Make Bolton-EcoHouse-Make
Bath Press

Bath, UK | Mixed use

Bath-Press-Make Bath-Press-Make
1 Centenary Square

Birmingham, UK | Office

2 Arena Central Make 0 2 Arena Central Make 0
7-10 Hanover Square

London, UK | Mixed use, Office, Residential

7-10-Hanover-Square-Make 7-10-Hanover-Square-Make
The Hiscox Building

York, UK | Office

The Hiscox Building 7 C Make Architects The Hiscox Building 7 C Make Architects
10 Park Drive

London, UK | Interiors, Residential

Park Drive Make 1 Park Drive Make 1