A showpiece with substance

  • A versatile event space for Beijing Design Week
  • A flexible geometric design with practical space inside
  • Designed to be easily portable

With this design, we aimed to create an object that takes form as micro-architecture, demonstrating the exciting potential of contemporary design in the city of Beijing, and in China as a whole.

John Puttick
Lead project architect, Make

Project Details

Location Beijing, China
Status Built 2011
Sectors Arts and culture,
Area 6.76m²
Client Beijing Design Week

The InfoCube was designed as the official information kiosk for the 2011 Beijing Design Week. Comprising 30 international events and over 90 exhibitions of Chinese design, the inaugural Beijing Design Week took place at numerous high profile locations across the city.

The concept was to create a ‘micro’ structure that reflects the exciting and dynamic contemporary design scene in Beijing. Designed to be lightweight and versatile, the InfoCube comes flat-packed for ease of transport and assembly, and the gridded structure can be flexibly configured to suit different venues and spaces.

During the day the kiosk opens up to reveal a colourful, organically curved interior that incorporates an information desk, a brochure display area and bench seating. The two halves of the cube can be arranged in a variety of ways to reduce or increase the amount of space in the centre of the structure, as required. By contrast, it appears as a simple and compact solid volume when closed at night.