Project Details

Location Shenzhen, China
Status Design/Concept
Sectors Arts and culture, Urban design, Mixed use, Retail
Area 45 hectare masterplan with 10 hectare detailed design area
Client Planning Bureau of Shenzhen City

The complex brief for this shortlisted competition scheme included three key parts: the connection of the subway system with the new Guangzhou-Shenzhen railway station; the reconnection of the north and south parts of the city and improvement of the civic spaces; and the creation of a central landmark which will create a strong identity for Shenzhen.

Our response was to create a strong axial route which gradually slopes downwards, reuniting the north and south areas. At the central point, a new public space is envisaged which acts as a gathering place and allows distribution of pedestrians to the various nodes of the transport system. Below ground connections to the stations are top-lit and lined with retail units. The Citizen’s Square to the north is retained, enhanced and reconnected to the rest of the city. On ground level, four new public parks are created – each with a different theme and planting type.

A central building encircles the new civic space which is envisaged as a showcase for the best of Shenzhen’s design, art and architecture. The gently curving roof canopy of the building reflects the opposite curve of the Shenzhen Civic Centre to the north. The building’s design includes a number of energy-reducing strategies including thermal chimneys, earth ducts and an array of PVs on the roof.

ONST were the collaborating architects.