Ecobuild Pop-Up Cinema

  • Make was invited to design and construct a unique temporary cinema that was used to screen the Regeneration Film Festival at Ecobuild.

Project Details

Location London, UK
Status Built 2014
Sectors Arts and culture,
Area 70m²
Client Henrietta Lynch

Make was invited to design and construct a unique temporary cinema that was exhibited at Ecobuild 2014. The distinctive pop-up structure was used to screen the annual Regeneration Film Festival – an international short-film and animation competition based on the theme of sustainable design and construction, curated by designer and sustainability consultant Henrietta Lynch.

The temporary cinema embodies the principles of sustainable design in its form, materiality and construction. The self-supporting curvilinear structure is made entirely from recycled cardboard, held in place by tubular columns and a frame of criss-crossing tent poles. A total of 1,271 hexagonal pieces of cardboard – each one slightly different in size and shape – were linked together with plastic cable ties, forming an organic honeycomb-like configuration. Small holes cut into the centre of each cardboard element allowed thin shafts of light to filter into the cosy dome-like screening space, projecting multiple dots of light around the dark interior.

The cinema’s curved geometric form created an exciting visual impact within the relative formality of the exhibition space and became a fitting representation of the exhibition’s sustainability message. The highly efficient, lightweight, modular design allowed for ease of transportation, assembly and dismantling, as well as minimal use and wastage of materials. The innovative structure was shortlisted for a UK Green Building Council award for the most sustainable exhibition stand at Ecobuild.