A fresh urban identity for Croydon

  • Raising the bar for mixed use architecture in Croydon
  • Regenerating the area with a substantial provision of new homes, offices and public realm
  • A new entrance and bridge for East Croydon Station

The scheme will maximise the potential of this important site, which is critical to the future regeneration of Croydon’s town centre.

Craig Marks
CEO, Menta

Project Details

Location Croydon, UK
Status Planning approved
Sectors Mixed use, Office, Residential, Tall buildings, Transport,
Area 72,000m²/775,000ft²
Client Menta

Following an extensive consultation process, Make has developed proposals to revitalise the East Croydon area with significant new residential, commercial and public amenities. We’ve designed four buildings on Cherry Orchard Road, plus a new entrance and pedestrian bridge for East Croydon Station, and a public square.

The hallmark of our scheme is a 171m-tall residential tower – a 56-storey vertical street with more than 400 new homes, a series of communal spaces, and ground-floor retail that connects with the new station entrance. Clad in bronze anodised aluminium, it will be a dramatic backdrop for those arriving at the rail station. The other buildings comprise a 75m-tall boutique hotel with a restaurant, business centre, wellness centre and retail space; a 50m-tall office building with space for start-up businesses as well as a pub; and a low-rise housing block with a community centre.

This is a scheme with community at its heart: it will offer new homes, new employment opportunities and a new regional destination. The direct link to the station will attract investment and boost the local economy, while the landscaping – which sees some 35 percent of the site given over to public space – will improve interaction in the local community. It’s a smart, innovative design, one that’s setting a benchmark for mixed use architecture in both Croydon and London at large.