Project Details

Location London, UK
Status Planning approved
Sectors Office, Retail
Area 2,700m²/29,600ft²
Client Galliard/London and Bath Estates

Part building, part sculpture, the scheme sits on a derelict island site next to a busy intersection of the M4, adding a landmark feature to London’s western gateway. The building is an ingenious hybrid of offices, advertising and way finding and aims to set a new standard for architectural ambition throughout west London and stimulate further urban regeneration.

The striking upper form houses flexible, high specification offices which are raised off the ground to reduce exposure to the traffic noise and pollution and allow views out above the motorway. This form is wrapped in a metallic, semi-transparent ‘shroud’ which performs the dual role of an external solar shade and a screen for high resolution LED displays showing advertising and lighting. These innovative mesh screens form an integral part of the design and exploit the exceptional visibility of the site, which can be viewed from all angles without restriction. The shroud also shelters a rooftop garden and an external terrace which provides a relaxing, plant-filled amenity space.