A new landmark in Chengdu

  • Premium commercial accommodation
  • Sets new standards for office architecture in Chengdu
  • A highly energy-efficient design

The concept behind the design was to create a refined, streamlined building that enhances the Chengdu skyline and minimises environmental impact in an intelligent way.

John Puttick
Project architect, Make

Project Details

Location Chengdu, China
Status Built 2015
Sectors Office, Tall buildings,
Area Confidential
Client Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Ltd, Swire Properties Ltd

Pinnacle One is among Chengdu’s tallest and most striking buildings. The 47-storey tower casts a sleek, elegant silhouette above the city’s animated streetscape, and offers premium office accommodation with spectacular views and lush green landscaping. It’s an impressive addition to Chengdu’s growing urban landscape and introduces a new visual aesthetic to the city’s business district.

The tower reads as a sturdy, slender metallic block encased in a shell of aluminium and glass. A stainless steel canopy sweeps across the front of the tower, highlighting the main entrances and unifying the two seven-storey wings situated on either side of it. Together the structures provide restaurant and retail units, private dining rooms, and extensive office space. Outside, we’ve enlivened the surrounding streetscape with retail and outdoor dining, and improved connectivity with a new pedestrian route linking the nearby subway station and The Temple House hotel – the latter also designed by Make.

As ever, minimising energy use was a key consideration for us from the outset. The high-performance facade is made of insulated panels, with the glazing positioned to maximise natural light but prevent excessive solar gain. Meanwhile, the cores are located at the edges to ensure the office spaces are shaded from the sun.