Bringing nature into the city

  • A spacious 93-acre urban masterplan for the city of Tianjin
  • Features an organic, undulating landscape that fosters biodiversity
  • A design that brings the Tianjin waterfront to life

Merging the individual buildings into the landscape gave us an opportunity to develop a masterplan that’s human-scaled and sympathetic to its surroundings.

Roderick Tong
Lead project architect, Make

Project Details

Location Tianjin, China
Status Design/Concept
Sectors Urban design, Residential,
Area 38 hectare/93 acre masterplan area, 50 hectare/124 acre building area
Client Confidential

Tianjin is a city of 15.2 million people in North East China. We were asked to design a new residential district for the city, one sympathetic to the natural beauty of its waterfront landscape.

We put the natural environment at the heart of our scheme, designing a series of canals to promote biodiversity and bring the serenity of Tianjin’s river and lake into its newest neighbourhood. A central town square will look out onto the water. To maximise green space, we’ve pushed roads to the edge of the site.

A series of simple, elegant, functional homes – including urban apartments and individual houses arranged around streams – will open out to natural light and beautiful views. All of the buildings are to be made in local materials to reinforce a strong connection with their surrounding ecology.

Our masterplan ensures the neighbourhood will feel like part of the natural environment rather than an interruption to it. The result will be a quiet, peaceful, delightful urban district – a haven of calm in one of China’s fastest-growing cities.